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the Project

The renovation of the entire Maison Mère is in process. In addition to a fully accessible reception desk and lobby, a snazzy meeting room, and more than 76 guest rooms already renovated and in use, we are moving forward corridor by corridor. When the renovation is complete, we will be able to welcome so many more pilgrims who want to come here to pray, study, rest, and renew themselves to better serve the mission of St. Vincent.

If you would like to help fund this renovation project, we would appreciate your gift.

Discovering Maison Mère

Renovation Committee

Fr. Tomaž Mavrič,
Superior General Congregation of the Mission (CM).

Fr. Roberto Gómez Ramírez,
Maison Mère’s Superior (CM).

Fr. Mark Pranaitis,
Maison Mère’s Renovation Project Manager (CM).

Fr. Frédéric Pellefigue,
Provincial Superior, Province of France (CM).